Episódio 76: Peter Medak

Peter Medak made famous films such as THE CHANGELING and THE RULING CLASS (nominated for an Oscar and the Palme d'Or). His career is full of films that deserve to be (re)discovered. Recently he returned to one of his most complicated productions: THE GHOST OF PETER SELLERS is a fascinating documentary about the comedy with Sellers that Medak made, which never made it to theaters. We talked about these and other films, and also about life and future of cinema.


Episódio 75: Frankie Faison

Frankie Faison has a career full of great characters in theater, film and television. He was, for example, commissioner Burrell in THE WIRE, the landlord of Eddie Murphy's new home in the movie COMING TO AMERICA, and he was in the play FENCES with James Earl Jones. Here we talk about the circumstances of his professional life, and the future of artists in this new pandemic reality.

Episódio 74: Denim Richards

Denim Richards is an actor, director and screenwriter. He‘s in "Yellowstone", one of the most popular series today on american TV, which stars Kevin Costner. With training in opera singing, he hopes to briefly produce his own music album. We talked about his short feature THE ZOO, the way we deal with our History, and some opera classics.