Episódio 78: Jonathan Case

Jonathan case is the author of several comics and graphic novels. One of them is THE NEW DEAL, which was just released here in Portugal. It's a comedy mistery set in the 1930s, with amazing art and great references to movies and stars of the era. We talked about that work and other projects from Jonathan, and also we discussed politics, religion and movies.


Episódio 65: Agnieszka Holland

Agnieszka Holland ( "Europa Europa", "The Secret Garden," "Mr. Jones") is one of the most prolific and respected filmmakers of our time. She is also a citizen with strong opinions about the world and cinema. This conversation was about movies, but above all about politics and what awaits us after the Coronavirus. Photo: Mark Blinch

Episódio 55: Fred Schepisi

Fred Schepisi has a vast filmography in a 4-decade career, filled with the presence of a great amount of stars like Meryl Streep, Sean Connery, Michelle Pfeiffer, Michael Caine and many, many more. Here we talked about many of his films, and also the past, present and future of Cinema.

Episódio 2: João Monteiro

JOÃO MONTEIRO é o convidado do segundo episódio. É um dos principais responsáveis pelo MOTELx Festival Internacional De Cinema De Lisboa, e recentemente realizou o documentário Nos Interstícios da Realidade ou O Cinema de António de Macedo. Estes são os dois grandes temas da conversa do programa, onde há espaço para momentos de reflexão e alguma galhofa. Nos entretantos, o Inspector Sax diz coisas e encontra uma pista que poderá (ou não) ser fundamental para descobrir a chave do crime. (originalmente lançado a 21/01/2017)